5 of the coolest bars in Perth

The Guildford Hotel, 159 James Street Guildford. Perth WA 6055  | (08) 6336 9766 https://www.theguildfordhotel.com.au/ , info@theguildfordhotel.com.au

The 130 year- old Guildford Hotel is back after one heck of a renovation and it’s better than ever! The food has had an overhaul and the gang here are dishing out plenty of pub classics as well as interesting offerings like cheeseburger spring rolls and smoked pork bao. They’ve got espresso martinis and 18 beers on tap and a specialist gin and whiskey bar for the spirits lovers out there. You’ll find us hanging out in the beer garden by the smoker station waiting on our ribs and brisket! Yum!

Sweetwater Rooftop Bar, Level 6, 1 Silas Street, East Fremantle WA 6158 https://www.sweetwaterbar.com.au/

With the former head chef of Melbourne’s Ginger Boy and the former bar manager from Mechanic’s Institute joining forces, you know you’re in for a pretty sweet ride at new East Freemantle bar, Sweetwater Rooftop Bar. The dynamic duo whipping up some amazing cocktails and Asian inspired fare so you can enjoy the view from the sixth story venue. They’re also offering Sunday morning yum cha which isn’t complete without a mango mimosa, it’s also got a retractable roof so it’s just as good in winter as it is in summer. Winning.

Refuge Small Bar, Address: 5/50 Subiaco Square Rd, Subiaco WA 6008 http://refugesmallbar.com.au/

The crown jewel of in Subiaco is the 12 beer taps which hang from the concrete roof over the sharing tables below. The beer taps will mean a regular rotation of local and international brews, a range of local wines and classic cocktails with a twist. But wait there’s more. These guys are also offering an all-day breakfast, take away lunches and sharing plates in the afternoons and evenings so you can feast while you drink.

Hippocampus, 19 Gordon Street, West Perth, WA 6005 (across from Gordon Street Garage)
We are open to the public on Fridays from 1pm until approximately 8pm.  Call Us: (08) 63810179   http://hippocampusmd.com.au/

Gin bar tucked away on Gordon Street in West Perth and the perfect place for a quiet afternoon drink with a grazing plate or two. The raspberry gin is our drink of choice but you should start with a little gin tasting so you can taste them all for yourself. The crew here are also serving up wine and a few other drinks so you’re not limited to gin all night long. Hippocampus has been hanging out in West Perth distilling their amazing vodka and gin for a while, but luckily for the good people of Perth, they decided to use some of that extra space as a bar where you can go and taste said vodka and gin, sip long on a cocktail or two, or simply enjoy a glass of wine.

Little Way, 161 Broadway Nedlands, WA  08 9386 3639  http://littleway.com.au/

If you’ve got a few people try and get the room out the back or if the weather is good the courtyard is the way to go. A welcome addition to the Nedlands dining scene, Little Way is the perfect place to drop in for a coffee, wine or a bite at any time of the day. The lush outdoor area and gorgeous interior perfectly complements a diverse menu that runs the gamut from brekky items like bircher muesli and smashed avocado to a Mediterranean influenced lunch and dinner menu offering tasty dishes like pork belly, lamb fillet salad and a variety of pizzas. This could be your new fav hangout.

The Coolest Kitchens in Perth

coolest kitchens in perth

There are a lot of things to consider when designing the perfect kitchen. These include choosing the right kitchen appliances, the kitchen flooring, storage solutions, your theme, the colours to use, and of course, the kitchen space and budget. Many outstanding domestic kitchens around Perth were built with the help of interiour designers and architects. According to George Livissianis, the person responsible for conceptualising some of Sydney’s and Perth’s famed kitchens, there should be no room for error when it comes to designing the coolest kitchens in Perth. For more info about designing the perfect kitchen you can try this web-site.

When putting up your dream kitchen, never ever sacrifice functionality for great interiours. Since the kitchen is the heart of your house, Livissianis suggests to always value your kitchen space. Here are some kitchen design and ideas for the coolest kitchens in Perth.

The Coolest Kitchens in Perth

  • Versatile kitchen

When designing a versatile kitchen, the first thing to consider is how you will use it. Laying out your kitchen plan is pivoted on the size of your home and how you will live with it. For instance, pet owners will need to add an extra space for their pet’s bowls and beds. Those who have the penchant in bringing a bit of entertainment can include a dedicated wine storage on their kitchen plan.

  • Elegant kitchen

Black is the colour of elegance. As such, using black as a kitchen motif never goes out of style. An elegant kitchen can use some inspiration from the imposing black colour of the exterior window’s steel box. Your kitchen can highlight a dramatic palette of black and timber, which surely adds beauty and a dash of luxury. Using dark-timber cupboards, natural wooden floorings, and a drop-style lighting will complement and highlight your home’s architectural finishes.

  • Classic Kitchen

If black exudes elegance, a marble white-themed kitchen exhibits a classic and timeless kitchen. One would think that the stunning element of the Floreat kitchen project by Humphrey Homes is the use of uncluttered feels from the surrounding white hues. But, no! The palette acts as “finishing touches” since the benchtop, appliances and the built-in wine cellar housed in the scullery are the kitchen’s eye-catching features.

  • Fun Kitchen

Fun may be subjective, but a kitchen owner can add his/her personality on the design that will make it “universally fun.” For instance, you can make an ordinary spaced kitchen feel loved by bringing in flowers and plants into the room. This small greenery certainly adds charisma, interest and life to the room. Moreover, you can elevate your kitchen and create a wow factor by investing on the kitchen’s large surfaces, such as benchtop, island table and the splashback. Make a statement and dare to be bold by using gold tiles or calacatta marble.

The Late Night Kitchens of Perth

The Late Night Kitchens of Perth

Over the years, we’ve come to witness how Perth’s dining scene transformed and adapted to the changing needs of the human appetite. For instance, small bars now have dainty dining areas, while the cliché “the kitchen closes at 8:30pm” starts to lose its lustre. Today, the late night kitchens of Perth are open in the wee hours to accommodate the night owls, shift workers, and partyphiles who capped off their night by painting the town red.

Regardless of your current physical or mental state, you can have a late night Perth kitchen of your own by visiting these late night kitchens of Perth.

The Late Night Kitchens of Perth

  • Long Chim Perth

Corner St. George’s Terrace & Barrack Street, Perth
Ph 6168.7775

Long Chim, which translates to “come and taste”, was conceptualised by the Michelin-star chef David Thompson. The restaurant boasts a balanced and varied selection of Thai dishes served at the highest standards. The Long Chim’s flagship restaurant is in Singapore, but Chef Thompson assures that the customer service and the food quality are the same as  their first branch. In fact, Long Chim Perth is hailed by many as Australia’s best Thai restaurant. Customers can savor their classic pad thai and authentic curries while seated comfortably. The restaurant’s exceptional ambiance does add to the overall Thai food experience.

Long Chim Perth is open from midday until late at night, seven days a week.

  • Helvetica

Rear 101, St. George’s Terrace, Perth
Ph 9321.4422

Helvetica is a hidden gem in the Perth CBD. That said, the long lines at the entrance of the establishment suggests that people are obsessed with what they offer. Critics paint Helvetica as a cosy place to relax and loosen up while wallowing in their alcoholic drinks and tasty nibbles. Their pork pies and gruyere toasted sandwich are to die for.

If you are looking for a pleasant and stylish, but not too flashy, late night kitchen in Perth, better head to Helvetica after clocking out from work. What better way to cap off the night but with a glass of whisky and a mouthful of roasted chorizo. Helvetica is open daily, except Mondays, until midnight.

  • The Generous Squire

397 Murray Street, Perth
Ph 6311.7071

The Generous Squire sits right in the heart of Perth’s CBD. Their location is a prime spot for people who want to enjoy great beer and great food with great company. If you are into the pub grub scene, then The Generous Squire is definitely right up your alley.

Customers love their pizza, which is best revelled with a pint of their own brew. You can bring the boys in the place, grab a beer and savour their honey-smoked ham pizza. That said, The Generous Squire is more than their beer and mouth-watering pizza. Visit this pub-restaurant at the corner of Shafto Lane to know why The Generous Squire is the night owls’ haven.

  • The Standard

28 Roe St., Northbridge, Perth
Ph 9228.1331

The Standard is strategically located at the boundary of Northbridge’s creative hub and the business district. This late night kitchen is an ingenious mix of relaxed and fun ambience splashed into a garden sanctuary. The place also has a deck, which offers a magnificent view of the city skyline.

Customers keep coming back in The Standard, mainly because of their modern Australia dishes infused with European touches. The restaurant closes at 12 midnight from Mondays to Saturdays. While on Sundays, they extend until 10 am.

Legendary Nightclubs in Perth

Perth got the moniker “City of Light” when the residents switched on their lights as the American astronaut John Glenn hovered over the city while on-board Friendship 7. However, Perth’s vibrant nightlife is giving a new meaning to their “City of Light” status. As a matter of fact, the creatures of the night are regularly seen flirting with strangers, drinking booze and partying in the city’s legendary nightclubs, bars and pubs.

Some of the legendary nightclubs in Perth today have been in the business for decades. That alone tells how the locals and tourists love Perth’s night scene, although some argue that it is not as wild as Sydney, Melbourne or even Adelaide nightlife. Nevertheless, the city promises a unique and wild nightclub experience to its visitors.

Legendary Nightclubs in Perth

  • Villa Nightclub

187 Stirling St., Perth, WA 6000
Ph (08) 9238.3099

Villa Nightclub is among the legendary nightclubs in Perth, mainly because of the local and international artists they host. In 2009, their venue underwent major renovations to accommodate more guests and cater the needs of their growing musically inclined clientele. Today, the Villa is regarded as the most versatile clubbing venue in Perth.

The Villa’s two-storey club is equipped with state of the art sound system, which is best enjoyed with music from touring DJs. In addition, they have a gigantic stage and a customised DJ console that can be utilised during fashion show events and live music market. With their stylish design, the Villa is the perfect production venue in Perth. You can visit their website to check the scheduled events at Villa Nightclub.

  • Geisha

135-A James St., Northbridge, WA 6003
Ph (08) 9328.9808

Geisha is a decadent nightclub known for their excellent taste in music and for instilling Perth’s late night partying culture. Unlike other legendary nightclubs in Perth that are too commercial, Geisha stays true to their intention; that is, to give a cool clubbing experience and some great music. The place is also frequented by the rich and famous, and people who have some money to burn in their pockets.

The busiest nights in Geisha are on Fridays and Saturdays. Those who would want to escape CBD or cap off their night should head here. Moreover, Geisha turns out to be the perfect place to host your private party and/or function. You can visit their website for further details

  • Connections

81 James St., Northbridge WA
Ph (08) 9328.1870

For over 40 years, Connections is the go-to party place of the LGBTQ community. That said, the club is also welcome to heterosexuals who would want to have a good time with great music and tasty cocktails. As a matter of fact, Connections has a Funktion-One unit, which just shows that they are serious in delivering a great audio experience.

What’s great about this place is that guests can marvel at the scenic Perth night sky on their terrace after dancing all night. In addition, they don’t implement a strict dress code policy. So whether you want to wear drag or adorn some fairy wings, as long as you don’t sport a bad attitude, you are welcome to Connections.

  • Metropolis Fremantle

58 South Terrace, Freemantle, WA 6160
Ph (08) 9336.1880

The Metropolis Fremantle, or Metro Freo among the locals, is a West Australian nightlife figure for over two decades. Nestled in the centre of Fremantle, the biggest nightclub in the area has eight bars and four chambers. Their big dance floor lights up and flicker to the tune of R&B music, the ‘80s and ‘90s genre, electronic tracks, and the latest pop music.

After gyrating to the club music, guests can continue capering under the stars in their outdoor bar. Just like the Villa Nightclub, Metro Freo hosts an array of local and international touring bands and DJs. You can check their website for their upcoming events.

Libido Stretching Perth Weekends: Sex With Professionals

When Justin Bieber was in Brazil, he enjoyed the whole week partying and apparently, sleeping with escorts. According to reports, he was caught going out of a posh brothel in Rio. After he left the area, two Latina prostitutes inside a guarded vehicle was seen following his convoy.

Just last year, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents were found to have organised sex parties involving prostitutes. The shocking part was that it was financed by drug cartels. They might have enjoyed their libido that stretched up until the weekend, but for sure they won’t find their weekends pleasurable while they are behind bars.

Men and Prostitutes

They say that the “fondness” of men in the arms of prostitutes can be traced as early as the pyramids. A survey shows that 15% of Australians had paid for sex. One of the reasons cited is that they want to f*ck hotter women, and that you can only find them in brothels and escort agencies. A one night stand with an escort also presents an uncomplicated way of a “no strings attached kind of sex.”

The sex industry is so huge that visiting the red light district is one of the top things to do. Rumour has it that there is a brothel in the city that offers an all-you-can-f*ck women. Now that would be a good way to cap off your weekend.

According to reports, this brothel’s promo also includes unlimited drinks. For a certain amount (around $150 or so), you can have all the sex and beer you want. The place is open daily, although it is best to experience their wildest offering on weekends.

Wild Nights in Perth

Due to an array of interesting men and women who work as escorts, prostitutes and male for hire, tourists and businessmen flock the city’s red light district. College guys, and sometimes girls, who would want to end their parties with a bang also seek the arms of these professional sex workers. They either find these escorts online or actually visit a brothel.

Everyone can be wild even just for a weekend in this city. After all, whatever happens in Sydney stays in Sydney.

A Night at The Trots: Harness Racing at Gloucester Park

A day at the races, a night at the trots or the ‘red hots’, as they are also known, are such Australian things to do. The thrill of these big animals surging down the straight and having your hard earned dollars on the back of one of them is a special experience. The trots, or pacing, has a rich history with the ancient Greeks and Romans betting on chariot racing some millennia ago. Thousands of spectators would crowd into purpose built race tracks and watch teams of horses pulling men and chariots at crazy and dangerous speeds.

There were huge crashes and charioteers were often killed in them. There were massive amounts of gambling and corruption too; so things have not changed all that much in three thousand years. It was literally a circus and that is what the Romans called the racecourses themselves. I don’t think that the Romans ran their circus’ at night, because they lacked adequate forms of lighting. In the modern era we can race at night and it adds a special thrill to the whole experience, I think.

A Night at The Trots: Harness Racing at Gloucester Park

You can even dine on sumptuous fare whilst watching the pacers beneath you at Gloucester Park. Sipping your Champagne with a gorgeous dining companion and watching the races on TV screens and through the expanse of glass windows. Trotting races are very strategic affairs, with the drivers directing their horses and sulkies to maximise their performances during a race. Coming from the rear to win a race is a terribly exciting thing at the trots. Early pace is no guarantee of endurance and you want to be on the team who are in front right at the end.

The great weather in Perth, generally, makes for a lovely night out at Gloucester Park. Under the stars and watching these snorting furious beasts pulling man and buggy at great speeds. Ultimately it is all about winning a motza and pulling the wool over the eyes of the bookies. You can get some great promotional offers from corporate bookmakers to help increase your betting stake and websites like www.betsfree.com.au list just about all of them. Peruse from a host of free betting offers and prepare your tips ahead of time to maximise your Gloucester Park winnings. Nobody smiles as much as a winner and enjoying a great night out is made even better with a pile of cash accruing in your account.

Nightclub Security: Is Enlightenment Transcending Force?

Are Perth nightlife security companies ready to embrace a more humanistic approach? Western Australia has been famous for its hardline policing attitude toward its indigenous population and those stepping out of line. Many in the security business were trained as police officers and have brought those attitudes with them into the private sector. A biff and bash before asking policy has generally prevailed in James Street and other Northbridge haunts. However, the times they may be changing, if reports of a more sensitive and responsible approach to nightclub security are to be believed.

People are going out ostensibly to have fun and deserve the benefit of the doubt, rather than heavy handed presumptions of guilt in every situation. Doormen and security people must be more than just muscle; they must be well trained in prevention of force. Many of these nightclub security people have been guilty of provoking violence through their own intimidatory behaviour. Greater enlightenment is needed by the management of these establishments to promote fun over exhibitions of machismo. Alcohol does fuel stupid behaviour but if you are in the business of selling alcohol you must create a friendly non-violent atmosphere in which to enjoy it.

Nightclub Security: Is Enlightenment Transcending Force?

The recent bashing of the Western Australian Premier’s son at a Perth nightclub has so far not led to any serious crackdown by police on nightclub violence. Sam Barnett sustained a number of unprovoked blows at a Roe street, Northbridge nightclub. The young property developer attended the nightclub after going to the polo in Perth. The previous week his Porsche had been seriously scratched in an act of vandalism. Not everything is hunky dory, it seems, for the rich and famous in the West. Sam Barnett has decided not to pursue legal action against his attacker from the nightclub incident.

Commercial security is important in the nightlife entertainment industry, but those in the business must be a preventative force rather than an offensive force. Training is the single most important issue in nightclub security; enlightened direction is required if the troops are going to follow accordingly.  Nightclubs must remember they are in the ‘good times to be had’ business and not the ‘cruising for a bruising’ business. Nightclub security needs to hire for intelligence more than for big muscles. A smart operative will defuse potentially dangerous situations rather than punching out his assailant.


Night Yoga in Perth

Yoga is branching into all sorts of new territory. There is nude yoga, hot yoga and now, night yoga. I imagine that night yoga is a favourite with those who find it tough to fall asleep. Insomniacs can not only get down to the twenty four hour gym, they can now also stretch into an asana. Instead of counting sheep they can count their lucky stars, as they discover themselves in the dark. Night yoga will strike a pose with the coolest Perth set who like to lead the way with exciting new trends.

Will night yoga lead to more yoga addicts dating each other, I wonder? It will be a great way to stay even slimmer if participants can now stay active into the wee hours of the morning. Living on a breath will replace repasts; and sleep will be only for the wicked. Night yoga in your leotard will lend itself to all sorts of spiritual dating, I imagine. Night Yoga is a catchy title, I can hear it as a song by the Bee Gees; despite the fact there is only one of them left still Staying Alive.

Is night yoga a sign of an obsession being carried too far, I wonder? Will it eclipse air yoga in Perth or will they merge to become night air yoga? Imagine swinging in the dark with a bunch of other yoga fiends, and only the sound of swishing, grunting and breathing to accompany your journey to enlightenment. In fact, night yoga toward enlightenment has all the enigmatic and paradoxical twists of a Zen koan. I definitely hear a book title in there somewhere, Night Yoga to Nedlands by Swami Nick, perhaps?

Night Yoga in Perth

Night yoga under the stars, down at the beach, on a full moon evening; does it get any more spiritually romantic? I love you my sweet lord! Hare Krishna, Hare Rama! My saffron robes damp with the sea salty night air and the gentle glide of a lone Jonathon Livingston seagull. As I stretch up toward the stars and down dog into the Milky Way, my mind leaves my body and the swish of the waves is all that existence has to say.

ACM all-night group yoga is home to the truly dedicated yoga aficionado. The deepest stretch can take you from the dark night of the soul to the dawn of the day. Wake up to satori and seek the bliss of the night owl. Get up off the couch and turn off your TV, slip on some tights and straddle your yoga mat for a late night journey. Flying carpets are not the only transcendental highway. Get in with your guru and taste the sweet leaves on the highest branches usually reserved for the giraffes. Night yoga in Perth is here to stay.



Psychics Converge on Perth As Predicted


Psychics converge on Perth as predicted at the Conscious Living Expo and New Earth Festival on November 6-8, 2015. The festival brings together celebrated psychics and mediums, world renowned lifestyle and eco-living authors and accomplished health practitioners. 22 very gifted, experienced Psychics will be on the Psychic Reading Room. Visitors will enjoy live music performances, dance presentations and participate in a psychic reading. There will be a range of international, local keynote speakers, celebrity mediums, clairvoyants and intuitive consultants participating. Put your questions to the Panel of Psychics and receive insights and messages and information about your journey of awakening of consciousness and know what your future might look like.

1. Gail Thackray – Medium Spiritual Educator and author, returning to Perth from the USA to teach spiritual healing. People from US and London report they were cured of blood diseases, cancer and received unexpected amount of money from attending her demonstrations and events.
2. Barbara Jones – Tarot Numerology and Psychic Medium who’s been reading for over 40 years aims to give truthful insights into the future and help people make life choice and connect with loved ones and angels.
3. Teresa Cangemi – Tarot and Astrology, she has 38 year experience in psychic reading and is very accurate.
4. Penny Burt – Feather Reading & Angel Card Reading. She uses clairaudience and psychic abilities to channel messages. Her gift is using feathers and angel cards to receive personal messages to guide and help you move forward in life.
5. Samantha Eve – Natural Healer that focuses on love, relationship, life purpose and life situation. She has the ability to communicate with the heart and soul to bring light to what is true. She dedicated her psychic clairvoyance to serve others. She offers private sessions and email readings to those needing guidance and answers to life challenges.
6. Sirpa Lahti – Intuitive Tarot Readings, she is also a Reiki Master, Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Artist. She has psychic and healing abilities which she uses to help people feel peace and good health.
7. Michelle Steer – Numerology and Tarot, she specializes in human alchemy using reflexology, metamorphosis, numerology and tarot. She has been using numerology and tarot for 25 years to decode people and break their restrictive patterns. She will help you discover why you are the way you are and what to do with it.
8. Nicole Andrijevic – Deva Tea™ Readings, she uses the special Deva Tea approach which allow the earth and plant kingdom to help reconnect you with your innermost being to bring healing, balance and harmony to your life. After reading, she will gift you a small sample of her infusion to help assist your healing process.
9. Barbara Gilbery – Clairvoyance and Tarot, she also read energetic field. She will help you focus on your journey especially if you feel stuck in life. Although she has connection with people on the other side, she will help you to move on through this human journey.
10. Tracey Minehan – Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, she is also an aura reader, spirit channel, medical intuitive, Reiki master, soul coach, rainbow shaman, angel intuitive and past life regressionist. She will help you gain insight and clarity to your life by accessing your soul contract to discover your life purpose.
11. Margaret Debenham – Intuitive Tarot & Angel Cards, a clairvoyant who uses tarot as a guide to your past, present and future. She enjoys helping people find an alternative answer and guidance to their life questions.
12. Nikki Branson – Tarot Readings, she gives intuitive and accurate psychic readings with Tarot.
13. Kay Gallagher – Psychic / Clairvoyant/ Clairvoyant Psychic, she is a spiritual medium who combines both psychic and mediumistic abilities to connect with departed love ones and help you heal your grief. She is also a spiritual healer, teacher and Reiki Master and member of Australian Spiritual Healers Association.
14. Karen Breakwell – Tarot Reading & Tree Readings, she uses tarot for most of her readings to gain insight into peoples psychological patterns. She incorporates other tools such as astrology, numerology, crystal dowsing and dream interpretation to answer specific questions about people’s current circumstances.
15. Luz Delgado – Tarot Reader, who works intuitively to help you find the roots of your situation. She will help you with mental cleansing to change your future outcomes.
16. Graham Hargreaves – Auric & Psychic Readings he works with tarot and energy in auric field. He uses psychic clairvoyant abilities to provide insight and guidance to help you with your life journey.
17. Patrick Boyd – Astrology, an astrologer with 35 years’ experience. He specialises in karmic astrology, horary and children’s astrology. He will help you understand your life purpose by using astrology to help you move out of repeating restricting behavior patterns.
18. Myrtle Harvey – Tea Leaves Mediumship & Tarot, she has more than 40 years’ experience as direct and natural channel. She uses tarot, mediumship, psychic art and tea leaves to give messages direct from the universe.
19. Shirley Scott – Tarot Readings, she works in the spiritual healing field for more than 15 years as a tarot reader and intuitive and crystal healer with mediumship abilities. She’ll offer you with wonderful insights to things that are waiting for you in the years to come.
20. Ramzi Peska – Psychic Mediumship, she offers reading for spiritual guidance and counseling in all areas of life. She also teaches classes in meditation and psychic development for beginners and advance who wishes to develop their own abilities in a safe environment.
21. Linet Amalie – Intuitive Psychic Medium, she is a sensitive, intuitive, empath and psychic medium who delivers messages with compassion, kindness and empathy.
22. Kim Newbold – Tarot and Intuitive Readings, she works with intuitive input and spirit through tarot cards to help you see and highlight the important issues to direct your decisions in life.

Sake and Asian Whiskey Flights of Fancy

Darlings Supper Club

by Randa Khamis

As part of ‘East Drink Perth’ food and beverage festival, Darlings Supper Club in Northbridge is hosting ‘Sake and Asian Whiskey Flights of Fancy’ every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. This is one definitely on the list for foodies and connoisseurs of sake or whiskey.

With its uber-urban-rustic design and unpretentious atmosphere everything you want for a sensational culinary delight is at Darlings Supper Club, including exemplary friendly service. Upon being warmly greeted you are offered the choice of two types of degustation menus, I chose the sake board. Now, it must be said that this is not for those looking for a main meal, but is rather a wind down for the night (open til 3am) or a tantalising start to your evening on the way to your next event. With the range of 3 rare sakes accompanied and matched with a selection of entrée’, main and desert for $25, it’s more than reasonable. The artisan sake alone would total more than this price.

The sake degustation board was beautifully presented and from the first sip of your entrée’ sake: Kizakura Yamahai, with its hint of fresh honey-dew melon, you are taken on an exotic Asian journey. It’s perfectly matched mouthwatering entrée: smoked snapper, chili, grated coconut, trout row, betal leaf is worth stepping out of your comfort zone to experience the texture including eating the leaf too. For mains, the bite size Black Angs beef Taka Tataki, with mango, radish, crisp enoki, micro herbs seemed to burst with flavour with every sip of its Bamboo barrel aged saki: Mukai Shuzo ‘Natsu no Omoide’ 2000. My favourite was left til last with desert: Miso pana cotta, salted caramel foam and peanut praline matched with a light and palatable sake: Nokano BC ‘Chochokyu’ 2013.

By the end of your degustation board the diverse range of sakes and accompanying exotic treats has certainly lifted ones spirits and left a lasting impression. Make sure to tick this one off on your ‘Eat Drink Perth’ bucket list.

To find out more visit Darlings Supper Club